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How Amazon Shipping provides a streamlined solution to your shipping and delivery needs

If you are a merchant based in the UK, you can now send parcels at the speed of Amazon and satisfy your customers with Amazon Shipping.

The never-ending ecommerce revolution means merchants need to stay on their toes — constantly innovating to keep up with consumer expectations. Online shopping is a lot more than just a series of clicks, and for merchants who don’t ensure every step of the customer experience is a winner, the result could be lost sales. Potentially a lot of lost sales. According to the 2022 Baymard Report,[1] the global cart abandonment rate sits at nearly 70%.[2] Shipping and logistics issues account for many of those lost sales, with 48% of shoppers abandoning checkout because of high extra costs (like shipping)[3] and 22% clicking out because of slow delivery estimates.[4]

Customers don’t want to wait. And they don’t want to be burdened with delays. To optimise your process and seamlessly deliver parcels to your customers, try Amazon Shipping.

Amazon Shipping lets businesses benefit from Amazon’s broad, technology-driven transportation and logistics network. You can quickly and reliably deliver orders from Amazon, your own website, and other ecommerce channels directly to customers.

With Amazon Shipping, ecommerce sellers can use Amazon’s logistics network for their online orders to access fast and reliable delivery from their warehouse to their customers. Amazon Shipping provides year-round reliability, easy-to-understand rates, hassle-free claims, and dedicated support — all easily accessible through the simple Shipper Central account.

At Amazon Shipping, we’ve seen a rise in retailers and selling partners who are focusing more on delivery reliability and recipient experience. To support this Amazon Shipping has increased the number of our sort centres to accommodate increased volume, while also implementing innovative technologies. For recipients, we’ve enhanced our parcel tracking and communication so that recipients stay informed at all stages of the parcel journey.

Customer experience for retailers is key. And in delivery, reliability is a key component to customer satisfaction. Amazon Shipping supports this through efficient operations, tools, and tech, including transparency features that let both retailers and their customers know when a parcel will arrive.

What sets Amazon Shipping apart as a shipping service provider?

· Reliable delivery speeds: Choose from a range of fast and reliable delivery speeds, knowing that Amazon Shipping is rooted in the expertise and technology to get the job done.

· Easy-to-understand rates: Get a quote and start delivering with simple and competitive rates.

· Simplified delivery partnership: Easy-to-use Shipper Central account management, hassle-free claims processing, and dedicated support. Obsessed with customer innovation, Amazon Shipping commits to making your delivery operations easier and more efficient.

· Integration with top industry partners: Speed up your response with a variety of order and delivery management systems, including Metapack, Linnworks, Veeqo, ShipStation, and more.

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